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Staying Active

Staying active is an important part of managing your type 2 diabetes. That’s why it is important to work regular exercise into your daily routine.


3-Part Exercise Program  

D-Fit is an exclusive exercise program specially designed by Dolvett Quince, personal trainer to the stars. Dolvett has worked with a wide range of clients—including people living with type 2 diabetes. He believes everyone can get in shape and become more confident in their ability to exercise. And now, with these videos, Dolvett can be your personal trainer, too. Along with the makers of Ozempic®, Dolvett has created D-Fit, a custom 3-part exercise program specifically designed for people with type 2 diabetes.


D-Fit: Beginner

This routine is designed to get you moving and motivated to start a workout routine. The movements in this routine focus on improving range of motion and building core muscle strength.


D-Fit: Intermediate 

Ready to take it up a notch? This routine is for people who have completed the beginner level and are looking for a bit more of a challenge.


D-Fit: Advanced

This routine is for people who are confident in their ability to exercise and have completed the beginner and intermediate levels of the program.

Talk to your doctor about exercise

Talk to your health care provider before starting or changing any exercise program or making changes to your type 2 diabetes management plan.

More helpful exercise tips from Dolvett

5 Steps to Get Moving at Home 

Working out doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym. Dolvett Quince, celebrity trainer, shares 5 ways you can get moving in the comfort of your own home.

Download these flash cards for even more great tips from Dolvett for staying active:

Flash cards for exercise

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