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Healthy Eating

Eating type 2 diabetes–friendly meals can make a big difference in how well you manage your type 2 diabetes—it plays an important role in managing blood sugar and weight.

Get cooking with chef Franklin Becker

When top chef, author, and restaurateur Franklin Becker was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes,a he adapted his cooking style to help him manage his condition without sacrificing taste. Now he shows you how to cook delicious, diabetes-friendly meals that you can easily make at home. 

aFranklin Becker does not take Ozempic®.

5 Steps to Meal Planning 

A type 2 diabetes diet doesn’t have to be bland. Watch celebrity chef Franklin Becker share his 5 meal-planning steps for making delicious and nutritious diabetes-friendly foods for the week. 

5 Steps to Food Shopping 

Having the right ingredients in your kitchen is essential to creating delicious, diabetes-friendly dishes. Check out these 5 ways you can make smarter choices in your local grocery store. 

Here are some healthy recipes the whole family will love:


Download these flash cards for even more great tips from Franklin for eating healthy:

Eating Healthy Flashcards

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